Our pricing model can  be different in each case, but most of the time it’s similar to the stated below.
  1. You send us a email or call us with brief information of your case or problem that needs to be solved.
  2. We estimate the value of work that needs to be done. It can be a fixed price or a hourly rate, depending if one of our agents needs to come to your company we add the traveling and accommodation expenses. In some cases the consultation is made over the phone or by email.
  3. You will get a official quote with estimated value of the project. To proceed further in this step you need to wire us some percentage of the estimate. It’s usually a 5%. Remember that you are obligated to pay all transfer fees. The estimate is in EUR in some cases we can calculate it in USD.
  4. After the initial fee is paid we can proceed with the consultations. When the project is over and the estimate is different from the job that was done we adjust the changes in the invoice and send it you. If the job require a report it will be sent to you as agreed upon the offer quotation.
  5. You can pay for the invoice to our agent by cash or wire transfer the rest to our account.

Here we present some of example prices for our consultations, remember that we always estimate the price individually so bigger project get better hourly rates, and smaller project are sometimes consulted only over the phone so there are no travel expenses.

Item Description pricing
Estimates Our estimates are free of charge, only if you decide to work with us you w 0 EUR
Hourly rate This cost depends on your case as IT field is very wide. For example consulting the Bank IT structure will be more expensive than hosting optimization for a corporation CRM systems. For companies that subscribe with our plan we can arrange some discounts. 250 EUR + / hour
Travel Depends how urgent is your case and where is the nearest specialist that will be ideal for your project. He can drive by his own car or a flight and car rental needs to be arranged. depends
Accommodation Or agent are always accommodated in 4-5 stars hotels. 100 EUR + / night
Note Since we are located in United Arab Emirates, no VAT tax apply.